Few Features That Make a Bedroom’s Flooring Great

Bedrooms are a private place and we associate them with comfort and rest. It is a no-brainer, therefore, that bedroom flooring should have some characteristics that are indicative of such sentiments.

When you are trying to have a floor installed at your home, you can either opt for a variety of floor coverings for different areas of your home or have the same style spread throughout. Either way, there are a few qualities you need in a bedroom in particular without which you would not call your bedroom flooring an ideal surface.

Here are a few features one must have in a bedroom flooring for it to be great.


Before everything else, a bedroom’s flooring should be comfortable. Now you don’t sleep on the floor, there is normally a bed and mattress for that, however, the atmosphere of the whole room would be better off if your floor covering is comfortable. One of the reasons luxury floors are so popular in bedrooms is because they are comfortable, regardless of whatever else they offer.


Similar as above, the cosiness of a bedroom is what makes it one. If your flooring doesn’t emanate that feeling then it is not a good move that you have made. Carpets are a preferred choice in bedrooms because they appear and feel cosy.


Bedrooms are a personal place, people make great efforts to ensure that the interior décor of their rooms is to their liking. Therefore, if there is a chance that you can have a floor installed in your bedroom that complements your interior design and decoration, you should take it. Also, it would be refreshing for you to not worry about your bedroom floor being a detriment to your style sensitivities.

bedroom flooring


By insulation, we mean all types of it. Your floor shouldn’t be cold during winter and shouldn’t be hot during the summer. Sub-floor heating in winter is a nice solution that can be added to your floor covering to combat the heat. However, if the floor is properly insulated in the first place, you would be more comfortable overall with less pressure to manage the budget.


People take measures to block out noise from outside when it comes to bedrooms. The floor should not be needlessly noisy which would add to the quietness of the room. The lack of noise is appreciated when you are resting, especially in a bedroom.


Any flooring should be easy to maintain, bedroom flooring is no different. A bedroom flooring that takes a lot of time, effort or money to maintain is eventually going to be a problem for you from a monetary standpoint as well as mentally and psychologically.


You don’t want to have to change your bedroom flooring every few months or with more regularity than you first expected because it will be hard on your budget and a big trouble. Thus, a bedroom flooring should be durable and preferably to last a long time.

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What Is Epoxy Flooring? Characteristics, Types & Benefits

Flooring industry these days is expanding in such a manner that even the more obscure forms of flooring tend to have a large market because of the unique qualities every floor covering brings. The resultant demand created in the market for those particular characteristics – which are often not necessarily found in other floors – makes these floors an attractive product for customers with atypical tastes. One such product is Epoxy flooring.

Epoxy flooring is created by combining two different materials, usually a hardener and a resin component. The subsequent material is hard plastic, durable, and unusually resistant to any deterioration. There are many different types of epoxy flooring which we will talk about some day. For now let us look at how it is installed and what are some its qualities.

How Is Epoxy Flooring Installed?

Epoxy flooring is generally installed on hard concrete floors which not only protects the concrete flooring but decreases maintenance costs. This is one of the reason it has been really popular in industrial and commercial settings like warehouses or factories.

To install it, the concrete surface underneath has to be clean first of all so that the floor can be laid down easily. Secondly, the surface has to be a bit rough to ensure the adherent is placed effectively. After installation, you need to put a paint coat on top for the gloss. It takes a little time, roughly a few hours to dry after which the finish can be applied.

One form of very popular form of epoxy flooring is 3D flooring. It creates an illusion of different exotic, natural or metropolitan settings inside your house using 3D art on your epoxy floor. Typically, these 3D floors are used in hotels, some restaurants, and children’s play lands and parks.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

  • The most remarkable quality of Epoxy flooring is that it is durable and long lasting. Even if there I heavy foot traffic and consistent load on the floor surface, epoxy flooring can last for many years. It is one of the reasons it is used so often in the industrial environment.
  • It is a glossy, shiny flooring surface that increases the brightness in your room, there are few options better than epoxy flooring when it comes to brightening a room. White tiles or marble perhaps comes close but all the usual affordable floors would be much duller in comparison.
  • It is robust and can resist heavy traffic & load without much trouble. A number of gyms use an uncoated epoxy flooring surface under mats because of its toughness.
  • Epoxy flooring is easy to install & clean, you don’t have to do too much when it comes to regular cleaning. Moreover, wiping would be enough for most stains and spills. Even oil spoils can be wiped away, especially in an industrial environment.
  • Epoxy flooring is extremely resistant to chemicals. Unlike normal flooring options, you don’t need to worry about the health of an epoxy floor after it has been exposed to a chemical.

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What Is Waterproof Flooring? Feasibility, Value and Options

The overall revenue generated by the flooring industry, exceeds a billion pounds easily, in the United Kingdom alone. Such is the growth in the industry that competitors are constantly coming up with ideas and new products to make themselves stand out in the eyes of the customers. One such product is waterproof flooring.

You may argue that making a floor resistant to moisture isn’t the most creative idea, in fact, it is a pretty basic necessity of life. We don’t dispute that. However, due to the improving technology and production methods, it is much easier than before to ensure a floor is completely waterproof.

In this piece, we will be looking towards some of the more commonplace waterproof flooring options. You may not be a sybarite, but you would enjoy a floor covering which allows you the luxury of not worrying about moisture damaging your house.

waterproof flooring southport

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is extremely popular nowadays. Some would consider it the number one choice available in the market which is why we have written about it extensively on our blog. Waterproof vinyl flooring is not much different from regular vinyl flooring, it comes with all the other qualities and perks you are accustomed to. It is durable and if you enforce its natural water resistance with an extra layer of insulation, all the better.

Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Compared to vinyl, laminate a.k.a. faux wood is naturally vulnerable to moisture and humidity. It is one of the reasons why no one use laminate in the kitchens since there is a strong chance of spillage there. The reason for this susceptibility is the presence of wood particles that may swell in moistened conditions. Waterproof laminate flooring, however, comes with an extra protective layer meant to keep the moisture out.

Waterproof Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is something you only see in gyms on a regular basis. Although some people prefer the comfort and qualities rubber flooring brings to the table. It is soft and light on the joints of your legs. Its resistance against moisture is natural because rubber is almost as far away from porous as you go. Little spillages can’t damage rubber flooring and its durability ensures that you can go use it for a long time.

vinyl water proof flooring

Waterproof Tile Flooring

Proper tiling will always be more waterproof than most other types of floor or wall coverings. There is a reason ceramic and porcelain tiles are by far the most used type of flooring in bathrooms. They are durable, easy to clean and waterproof. The only issue is that they tend to get really cold during the winter so if you have tiles, you would have to invest in a secondary covering to use it on top of the tiles during cold weather.

Wood Plastic Composite Waterproof Flooring

This type of flooring combines the best elements of wood and plastic. As a result, turns out it has good defences against water or any kind of moisture. It is also called WPC vinyl flooring and also comes with all the good aspects of a traditional vinyl flooring. The only downside is that it is a little costlier than vinyl in simple words. However, such is that case with all good things in life and not just WPC flooring.

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How Important Is Flooring For Your Interior Design and Decoration?

When people are looking to decorate their homes, there are a number of factors they need to be aware of. Before making your decisions on things, you should know that if you only have a perfunctory understanding of flooring and interior design, or are satisfied with menial work, you may come to regret it in the future. Laxity would be frowned upon anywhere, therefore, no one should allow it, especially when it comes to the decoration of their home.

Below, we will discuss how an urbane selection of flooring and interior design choice can complement each other.

Enhancement of Long-Term Value and Look

The right flooring choice will make sure that your house looks beautiful from the onset. Many a time, a badly picked floor would stick out like a sore thumb in the context of the room’s colour scheme, furniture, or lighting. Augmenting the overall effect of the room by choosing the appropriate floor covering would impress any spectator and also, feel good. Proper flooring will go a long way towards bumping up your property’s value.

Most Expensive Investment

Flooring is often the costliest “decorative” item in any room. Although, it isn’t exactly meant for decoration but the influence ends up being quite similar. Not only that, if you try and change or replace your flooring, the cost of that is also very high. Which is why you should be clear and confident about what you want from your floor, how it is going to enliven a particular part of the house and what you are going to do about it.

First Physical Interaction with the Room

When someone enters a room, their first physical interaction is with the floor. Even if the visual simulation comes first, the sensation of standing and walking on something you feel good about is not be discarded. The impact of the first impression, like in every walk of life, is also important in interior decor. However, the right fusion of flooring and interior design will make a lasting impression. Hence, make it a certainty that your floor only gives you good feelings.

Flooring Interior Decoration

Utilisation of Variety of Floor Choices

Saying that there are many varieties of flooring available in the market would be a massive understatement. Your aim should be to make the best of the options at your disposal. This variety of choice also gives you a chance to explore different pathways you can take. This is with respect to the other facets of decoration in each part of your residence. You can even entertain some out the box ideas either by yourself or with the help of a professional interior designer.

Versatile Flooring Choices Lead To Versatile Interior Design

Different areas of a house are meant for different purposes. So your flooring choices should be practical and catered to achieve maximum output. The bedrooms are an intimate area which makes them a good place to install carpets as they invoke a sense of comfort and quite. Similarly, the areas with more foot traffic would benefit from a more durable floor covering. The recognition of these details makes your interior decoration not only beautiful but also practical.

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Things To Know Before Setting up Laminate Flooring in Homes & Offices

We have talked in detail about laminate flooring on our blog, what are its benefits and pros, what are the best times to use it, how you can add wood stains to improve laminate’s appearance. Continuing with that trend, we will be looking towards some of the cons i.e. few things you should know about using laminate flooring in homes or offices and how to avoid any pitfalls. You should be taking extra precautions that will allow your laminate flooring to last longer.


Not Real Wood

No matter how beautifully laminate can replicate the look of a natural hardwood floor, it is not hardwood. It is faux-wood aka synthetic which can rub some purists the wrong way since laminate flooring in homes is not as pristine and valuable as the real thing. But since it objectively looks great, you can install it in offices without any issue.

Hard Surface

Even though modern laminate floor planks come with underlying softening pads preinstalled within them, most laminate floors are still rather hard compared to cork floors or carpets. If you have seniors in your home, they may find it extra hard. Laminate may not be suitable for toddlers who are prone to fall down quite often. However, the presence of an underlayment can neutralise the hardness of the floor.

laminate flooring in homes Skelmersdale, Burscough, Maghull, Ormskirk and Southport

Less Insulation

Compared to other flooring options, like hardwood or carpets, the temperature of laminate floors tends to fluctuate a tiny bit more during extreme weather conditions. Therefore, you need to take extra insulating actions if the weather becomes too extreme. Ask the flooring company about wall insulators and insulators that are installed under the floors.

Low Long-Term Value

Laminate doesn’t do anything at all to increase the resale value of any house. Since it is cheap and easy to install, it has no long term effect on your property’s value. If you want an increase in the resale value of the house for the future, you will have to go with a more expensive flooring option.

Refinishing Not Possible

Sanding and refinishing of laminate flooring is homes is not possible like with hardwood floors. If your laminate floor somehow gets worn out, you will need to replace it. However, that rarely happens, if ever. The best way to avoid such a scenario is to regularly maintain your laminate floor.

Low Moisture Tolerance

If you ask any flooring expert about laminate and moisture, you will get the answer that it is best to avoid installing laminate floors in laundry rooms or bathrooms as it has a tendency to catch moisture if left exposed to it for long periods. It is better to install laminate in dry areas. However, if you want uniformity throughout your household then you can add a protective coating. It would lessen the effects of moisture.


While laminate flooring has a long list of pros, some people might not be too much of a fan of its cons. Which is why it is important that you know all its characteristics when you are going for laminate flooring in homes or offices. For more information, visit PrestigeFlooring-UK.com.





Popular Oak Flooring Types and Their Characteristics

Hardwood flooring is popular, there are no two ways about it. However, some wood species are so popular that they make up the vast majority of overall wood floors sold worldwide. One of those wood species is oak. Oak flooring is one of the most popular wood floor covering.

You have probably heard of oak flooring, what’s interesting to note is that oak flooring itself comes in many types. The more well-known red oak and white oak, in addition to English white oak and Brazilian oak. Oak is especially appreciated in the United States and is probably the most commonly used wood species for hardwood flooring.

In this blog, we will briefly discuss the different types of oak flooring. You will also know what unique characteristics and benefits each of them offers.

Red Oak

Perhaps the most popular of all oak species. Red Oak flooring is very popular all over the world. Especially in the US due to its qualities and availability. It doesn’t differ with other oak species a lot however the subtle differences are enough to make you research and consider what would be best for your household or workplace.

If you have to use red oak, the most popular areas for it in the house would be transitions like stair steps, saddles, railings and other transitions. There is a good chance that your oak stairs are red oak even if their age doesn’t really tell you the exact species. In addition, you can just as easily have floors made of red oak installed at your establishment.

Red oak is not as hard as white oak but the difference between the two on the Janka hardness scale is minimal. Red oak, however, appeals to the tastes of the classic hardwood fans. It has a very strong graining throughout which not only doesn’t fade with time, but also helps keep the scratches and dents invisible over the years. Not that there would be any scratches if maintained properly but still it’s a positive.

When it comes to colour, red oak is not exactly red but more pinkish in shades. But if you want a different kind of colour, you can stain a red oak floor or stairs and it would be fine as red oak takes the stains very well and the colour holds up for a long time.

Oak flooring ormskirk southport

White Oak

White oak is generally a little harder than red oak according to the Janka hardness scale. Nonetheless, due to the less graining and a more smooth look of white oak flooring, the dents and scratches are more likely to show on white oak compared to red oak. This doesn’t mean scratches are a must, with proper maintenance, they can be avoided for a long time.

White oak is a lot more resistant to moisture and water compared to red oak. It is closed grain and the pores in the wood are sealed with tylose. This makes it extra waterproof and prevents any kind of subsequent rot and decay.

It is one of the reasons it used in kitchens, bathrooms and moist places in the homes such as the outside of front doors. Boat makers are also fond of using white oak for building boats.

Despite its name, white oak is not white, rather more brownish. But you can easily stain it and the colour stays for quite some time.

Brazilian Oak

Brazilian oak has some qualities of red and white oak and some that make it a worthwhile options for those who like exotic things. It is found in central and southern America and is 13% harder than red oak. Its other name is Tauri. Brazilian oak has low to medium graining and is very resistant to decay, insects and rot.

One thing that some people may not like is that it is pretty hard to stain and colour. However, its natural colour is quite a sought after commodity so most people who buy it are not looking to stain it anyway.


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Pros of Installing Laminate Flooring in Homes & Offices

Laminate flooring has been one of the most popular choices to cover floors since the turn of the century. It doesn’t matter if it is homeowners opting for it or those who furnish offices, people are buying and installing laminate flooring because it works in all setups.

While it is true that laminate, aka faux-wood, is popular, that alone isn’t enough of a reason for you to buy it. In order to make an informed decision, you need more information. So let us look at some of the pros of installing laminate flooring in homes and offices.


The most impressive quality of laminate is that it can last for years and years. Most manufacturers are not hesitant in offering warranties of up to 25 years and more on it. This is possible because laminate is synthetic and is specifically made to last so long. Also, the technologies used to produce laminate floor coverings are getting better and better which ensures even more durability.


Since laminate only looks like wood and isn’t actually a natural material, it is cheaper to produce. This means laminate floors are generally less expensive than other options. This allows people from all walks of life to actually afford a beautiful and durable floor covering for their homes.

Scratch Resistance

A laminate floor consists of multiple layers, the topmost “wear” layer protects the floor underneath. It is supposed to be the barrier against any dents and scratches. Some companies also offer a multiple-year warranty on the top layer in order to signify the quality of their work and ease their customers’ minds. If there are too may scratches, you can even change colours using stains.


Laminate is very light and comes in the form of tiles as well as planks and boards. This quality makes it much easier for anyone to carry around planks. Subsequently, the cost of transportation and installation also goes down. If you are installing it on the upper stories, it also doesn’t weigh too much on the foundations of any building.

Easy Installation

Laminate planks are very easy to install DIY. You need to accustom yourself to the basics of folding, clicking or glue down laminate floor boards. After that, even a large area can be done in a couple of days. Alternatively, if you call upon professional help for installation, their total cost would be comparatively low as the work isn’t too hard.

Simple Maintenance

It is extremely easy to clean laminate flooring, you only have to make sure that you regularly sweep and mop the floors. It would make sure there is no dirt build up on the floor to make dents or scratches. Consistent cleaning allows your laminate floor to be shiny and scratch free for decades.

Variety of Choice

Laminate flooring is available in many colors, builds, and designs i.e. prints. The floor planks are also classified according to the installation method. So that you can choose whichever option suits you the most in that respect.

Next month, we will be looking at some of the cons of installing laminate flooring. That would give you a better perspective on the what and how of all the precautions.

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What is Karndean Luxury Vinyl Flooring? What Are Its Benefits?

Most of us want luxury flooring in our homes. We associate ideas like comfort, prestige, longevity, beauty and durability with the word luxury. So it is a no-brainer that we are trying to get it in our lives whichever way we possibly can.

One of the more affordable luxuries these days is vinyl flooring. Now vinyl flooring is very versatile and can be found in many qualities and varieties, but luxury vinyl flooring does exist. One of those is Karndean luxury vinyl flooring. Let’s first briefly find out what vinyl flooring actually is.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is a synthetic flooring type which has been around for a few decades now. It comes with its own set of qualities is one of the most popular flooring options in the world. It can almost mimic the look of a polished and finished hardwood floor but it is also much less expensive on average which makes it an attractive choice.

Vinyl flooring is durable, long lasting and very hard to damage. It is also softer than hardwood and some other flooring options. It also has a remarkable stain resistance ability.

Karndean Vinyl Benefits

Benefits of Karndean Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Karndean Designflooring is a global manufacturer and supplier of luxury vinyl tile flooring. When it comes to vinyl flooring, there is no better choice if you want comfort and luxury in your household, or in your workplace.

  • It comes with natural designs inspired by wood by without any drawbacks. If you are a fan of traditional flooring, you will like the designs and characteristics that are added into Karndean vinyl tiles.
  • The planks come with the natural colours and are defined with multiple tones and shades, just like natural wood. Each plank replicates the knot and grain of real wood.
  • The collection of designs and colours ranges from soft to strong and light to dark, there is emboss detailing and choices for all kinds of flooring enthusiasts.
  • Karndean Vinyl is much more hygienic than natural wood because it is easy to maintain and clean.
  • It comes with protective PU coating and is a non-porous which prevents germs, dirt or bacteria from seeping into the floor through cracks and accumulate.
  • Karndean vinyl flooring is much easier to maintain which keeps its shine and look alive as it requires no staining, sanding or any other flooring maintenance treatments.
  • Any spillages, whether water or any other liquid and dirt are easy to treat and clean in not much time.
  • The enhanced surface treatment helps in protection against any wear and tear, scratches and leaks.
  • The timber designs make it less likely for heavy objects i.e. furniture, machines, or sharp ones like high heels to cause any damage.
  • In rare cases when damage does occur, you can easily remove and then replace the individual Karndean flooring tiles.
  • You can also use the Karndean luxury vinyl flooring with underfloor heating systems. They can go up to 27° C to make your house warm and protect against the cold in winter.

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A Brief Look at the History and Evolution of Wood Flooring

The common misconception about wood flooring is that it has always existed. Why? Because wood has been used as a building material since the dawn of time and synthetic floors really are a recent thing, i.e. not really available centuries and millennia ago. So the idea is that it must be wood that people used as a floor. However, the reality is vastly different.

Hardwood flooring first became relevant in the 17th century according to “The Elements of Style: An Encyclopaedia of Domestic Architectural Detail”. Even then, it existed in a raw, crude manner and any decorative propensities related to flooring didn’t quite exist until much later. In those days, natural earth floors or rocks were the fashion.

During the next couple of centuries, wood flooring started to become a little more popular. Common people started to use plank floors for the upper stories of buildings. However, royalty and rich people openly started to have beautifully patterned, stained and polished wooden floors in their houses.

These decorative flourishes were imitated by some and by the 19th century, plenty of people in the Americas and Europe were using wood floors. It became a legitimate industry. Particularly in the colder areas where wood flooring proved to be a great insulator from cold.

The wood flooring industry became big in the late 19th century after the industrial revolution. At that time, the production and manufacturing of wooden flooring planks became much easier than before. Previously, all work was done by hands which meant less production and less use.

Like today, the hardness of wood was a measure of its quality in those days too.  That is why maple, chestnut, black walnut and oak had a bigger demand, unsurprisingly, they still have that demand compared to other wood types.

It is important to keep in mind that for most of the early history of wood flooring, the installation, sanding and finishing was done by hand. Even the installation methods were to either use glue or nail the planks down onto the floor.

Hardwood flooring was at its zenith in the early 20th century, especially for residential buildings. In those days, manufacturers first introduced the tongue and groove wooden planks which became immensely popular. Only competition given to them in the flooring industry was by cork and linoleum which offered something different to enthusiasts.

After the Second World War, the introduction of plywood and other materials like synthetic fibre caused wooden floors to take a back seat. However, during the last 30 years or so, the changes in the manufacturing and production of wood planks have introduced engineered and acrylic-impregnated wooden floor boards in the market.

These new types of wooden floors were cheaper and more durable compared to solid hardwood. This allowed wood flooring companies to compete with options like vinyl, laminate, and other synthetic flooring options.

One thing that should not be overlooked is that as the evolution of wood floors continued, its finishes also evolved. In the early days, wax and varnish were used rather extensively as they were easy to come by for most people. You can include shellac to that list which is made from the residue of a bug from India.

In later years, Polyurethane was used and became the most popular factory finish due to its durability. Also because it gave off the vibe of a transparent plastic cover. It also dries rather quickly which is a plus. People still use some of these finishes in the factories and during installations.

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A Guide on How to Choose the Right Bamboo Flooring Type

If you want the kind of flooring in your house that is inexpensive, strong and durable, then there are few choices that give you a better value for money than Bamboo flooring. The fact is bamboo is technically not wood but grass takes nothing away from its amazing qualities as a so-called “hardwood” floor. Ironically, the term might as well be true in a way as bamboo is harder than most wood forms such as oak and maple.

If you have decided that bamboo flooring is the way forward for you, then you have quite a few choices. You can choose with respect to the build of the bamboo, the colour of course, and also the according to the required method of installation for those particular bamboo planks.

Let’s start by discussing bamboo planks in terms of their grain and build. There are three main types of processed bamboo planks available for flooring purposes.

Strand Woven Bamboo Planks

When the bamboo is being processed from its raw form into usable material, lots of thin bamboo strands are trimmed and collected during and after the milling process. These strands are later interlaced together and then compressed heavily in the form of floor planks. Resin is also added during the compression which helps make the floor strong and add some beauty to it.

It is worth noting that strand woven planks create the hardest type of bamboo flooring.

Horizontal Grain Bamboo Planks

During the creation of this grain, the thin process strips of bamboo, also known as bamboo fillets, are placed horizontally together and then compressed heavily with the help of extremely powerful adhesives which makes the planks hard and capable of withstanding large weight once placed as flooring boards.

In case the boards don’t have an even and smooth surface, a high-pressure lamination process makes sure that there is uniform thickness across the board and these inconsistencies are removed.

Vertical Grain Bamboo Planks

Similar to how horizontal grain bamboo planks are created, the vertical grain bamboo planks are placed together and compressed heavily. However, the main difference being that planks are vertical now instead of being horizontal. Also, the compression is now sideways from the perspective of the planks in question. Here also, the lamination process is called upon to get rid of minor uniformity problems.

Bamboo Flooring Ormskirk Southport

In term of installation methods, the bamboo flooring can again be classified into three different types. First, floating planks that don’t need to be glued or nailed down to the floor underneath. Thay can instead be joined together with the help of a tongue and groove system. This is probably the easiest method for a DIY installation.

Secondly, the nailed or glued down floors that come without any tongue and groove system. Installing them requires the right kind of adhesive so that they are attached to the floor convincingly. These type of floor installations are best left to professionals, however, if you feel comfortable, you can try it yourself too.

The third installation method is to glue and nail down planks. But trying to install that yourself may not be the best idea ever, so you are better off leaving it for professionals. Once installed, it can remain durable and in optimum condition for years and years.

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