What Carpet Fitting Tools Should You Use To Install Carpets?

If you are someone who prefers carpet flooring, you know it is not the easiest task to install it yourself. Today we will be discussing some essential carpet fitting tools required to install carpets in DIY fashion. While most people let the professionals do their work by calling a flooring company to install their carpets, there are those who like a challenging home task. Besides, it’s useful information if you ever buy a carpet and also, if you are currently unable to afford a carpet fitting service, you will have a good idea of the tools you need to get.

Carpet Rolls Installation

In this blog, we will classify the main carpet fitting tools separately from the supporting items aka accessories. Though all items mentioned are important in carpet floor installations.

Carpet Fitting Accessories plus the Essentials

Good Carpet

It goes without saying that having a good quality carpet is a much better investment than settling for average one. The former lasts longer and doesn’t present as many problems.

Reliable Underpads

Make sure to buy carpet flooring underpads that enhance your carpet experience and not undermine it. Quality of the product means everything in this regard.


Adhesives attach the underpads to the base floor so that they don’t move under the carpet. They also prevent fraying of carpets along the edges.


Nails keep the sections of underpads or gripper strips (they keep carpets fixed on wood base floors) nailed down to the lowest layer of floor.

carpet fitting tools

Carpet Tape

Also known as seeming tape, it is used to seamlessly join two separate pieces of rug. It is applied along the edges and under the carpet and is later pressed down using a special iron.

Important Carpet Fitting Tools You Need For Installation


A reliable knife or cutter saves you a lot of headache by being extremely useful. Cut and slice carpets with it and use it to tuck carpets in along the walls or stairs. Use a linoleum knife or a wall trimmer for tasks that don’t require large-scale cutting. Get a large scissor if you have to cut quite a few pieces.

carpet cutting knife tool

Power Stretcher/Knee Kicker

These two tools stretch the carpet to its limit. Stretching doesn’t allow any air or object to remain under the carpet and offers an even spread of the carpet. You can stretch your carpet to the corners without having to physically pull it yourself. The added benefit is that there won’t be any loose areas or bulges.

Seaming Roller & Iron

A seaming iron acts on the seaming tape and joins separate pieces of carpet together without leaving any hint about them not being one and all. The heat from the iron melts the tape under the carpet and fills the spaces in between. The Seam roller is then pressed down hard and rolled on the carpet which connects the carpet permanently and leaves no trace.

Magnet Weight

This is one of those carpet fitting tools that serve a dual purpose. One on hand it is a weight you can use to press down on the carpet during the installation phase so that it is properly fixed in its place and has an even surface. On the other hand, you can collect nails, staples or other metal objects with it since it is also a magnet.

Gripper Rods

Gripper rods are long strips of wood that have lots of nails on them, all facing the wall. You can use them during the installation of carpets underneath the main carpet floor along with underpads. They keep the underpads in place in the middle of the room. You need to fix them to the subfloor using adhesives.


Along with adhesives and nails, you can also use staplers to pin down the second layer, aka underpads, to the subfloor. Some people don’t use this tool and that is fine but it is always a good option.

Trowel Notch

A notched trowel is useful in a sense that it allows you to spread the adhesive evenly throughout the room. Without it, you may find some difficulty in dealing with the very first step in the installation of carpets.

carpet installation & fitting service

Some More Carpet Removal & Installation Tools

You will be in a good position if you start your carpet fitting project with access to the aforementioned tools. However, there are some more useful items that may prove of use in certain cases. Carpet Clampers can pull up carpets without you having to resort to manual labour. Tack hammers are useful in pinning down tiny nails on the grippers. Stair tool chisel is used to fix and place the carpet along the stairs by driving it into the crotch of stair steps.

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5 Popular Bamboo Products Including Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a very unique and versatile natural product. It is not exactly a part of the wood family but has several wood-like characteristics manifested in a variety of ways, sometimes very exaggerated. While scientifically bamboo is classified as a member of the grass family, in most cases, it harder and stronger than some of the hardest species of wood. Furthermore, bamboo is a reliable and flexible product that can be transformed into many different items, all useful in our day to day lives.

Bamboo is also one the fastest growing plants in the world. So much so that some of the bamboo species can grow multiple feet tall within a day. This translates to the fact that we can use bamboo in a variety of ways and still give back to nature by planting more of it. This makes bamboo items green products, aka environment-friendly products.

Making bamboo products involve processes that are very friendly to the environment. This is an added bonus when it comes to using bamboo. While these products can be made from other raw materials, making them with bamboo ensures that there are no wasted materials, since even the byproducts are used to manufacture other useful items. Furthermore, harvesting bamboo has no harmful effects on the nearby plants, unlike some other plant species.

bamboo Canes

In light of all the qualities mentioned above, it is apparent that bamboo is suitable for people due to a number of good reasons. So in this article, we will be looking at some of the more popular ways in which bamboo is currently being used to manufacture day to day items.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is a very popular floor covering all over the world. It is strong, durable, long lasting and doesn’t cost a lot. In fact, it is one of the cheapest floors you can buy in excellent quality according to some experts.

In most cases, the darker shades of bamboo flooring look surprisingly similar to hardwood floors. So if you are someone who likes the appearance of a wooden floor but has concerns about its cost, you can settle for a very nice compromise in the form of bamboo flooring.

Learn more about bamboo flooring types and how to find the right fit for your specific flooring requirements.


Similar to floors, bamboo is also used for the purposes of roofing around the world, especially in the United States. Since bamboo has very good insulation properties, it can keep the internal temperature of a building or a house stable. It does not get affected too much by the extremities of weather, hot or cold.


The best thing about bamboo furniture is that it is lightweight. They are relatively more common compared to other bamboo products. Even though it is as durable as almost any other furniture out there, it still weighs significantly less which makes it instantly suitable for seniors as well as children. Moreover, bamboo furniture items are good for environment much like most other bamboo products. They don’t produce any toxic gases or materials so they are safe on that account too.

Bamboo furniture is very resilient against scratching and moisture. It doesn’t swell and maintains its shape. However excessive moisture or continued exposure to it can be damaging.

Bamboo Furniture

Wind Turbines

The huge wind turbines can be made in part by the strong bamboo stems. It is fitting because wind energy is eco-friendly and so is bamboo in many ways. Once you associate the two together, you have the making of a truly green system courtesy of bamboo products that can provide a template for the future energy production methods.


Bamboo has historically been used a lot to build beehives where bees can live and breed. While natural honey is obviously more sought after, there is no denying that the world’s honey requirements cannot be fulfilled without the presence of beehives which are widely made by using bamboo even today.

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Carpet Flooring Pros & Cons Everyone Needs To Be Aware Of

If you make a list of the most popular flooring options in the entire world, carpets would rank near the very top of said list. Almost everyone in the world has interacted with a carpet in some way, shape or form. One reason for their use is that carpets are very versatile, not just in terms of their use but also their build and types. Another thing going for the carpet industry is that it has a historical value. Good carpets have a history of being used in the most pristine of settings. Whereas affordable carpets are a means for clean and safe sitting arrangement in all corners of the world.

However, like any other flooring option, carpets also come with a lot of baggage. It is true that there are many benefits to using them, hence the popularity. But on the other hand, there are a lot caveats one needs to be aware of while trying to live with a carpet installed in the home. In this article, we will be reminding ourselves of the pros and cons of using carpets in domestic settings.

Carpet Flooring Pros


Carpets are very comfortable compared to most other floor coverings. Once you have had one installed, you can then lie down on it, leave your children to walk and play and still be comfortable. A carpet remains comfortable well into years of use if it is good quality.


A Carpet is safe flooring option for elderly people and children due to its softness. If someone falls down on a carpet, they are less inclined to get hut compared to if they fall down on a hardwood floor.


A good carpet can be an extremely beautiful addition to your interior décor. Also, If you are a style enthusiasts, carpets provide you with a lot of opportunities to express yourself. There is a reason so many varieties and styles of carpets exist; they are an expression of aforementioned enthusiasm.


Carpets ooze a feeling of cosiness and intimacy. It is one of the reason they are so popular in bedrooms as the atmosphere there demands the floor style be compliant with the mood.


There are a variety of carpets available in terms of cost, design, build, and use, among other factors. This is why it is quite easy to complement carpet floors with almost any other household item in any context.


Since there are so many types of carpets available, they are automatically affordable for people with varying spending powers. So if you are hesitant on carpets because of budget, there is a good chance that something is out there for you.

Carpet Flooring Cons

While it is true that carpets are awesome and people talk about that a lot. We have also raved about them before. There are certain precautions you should take when using carpets and some cons you should be aware of at least.


Excessive and persistent exposure to moisture would ruin any carpet. You must take take time out of your schedule to regularly maintain yours. It is important if you want the carpet to stay in good condition for a long time.


Carpets should always be kept in top condition with regular cleaning sessions. Otherwise, there is a strong chance your carpet harbours bacteria, dust, mites, and other unwanted organisms.


Maintenance of carpet flooring needs to be constant, consistent and up to the mark every time. It is a good idea to call up professionals every now and then to have your carpets serviced.


We did say that carpets are affordable but that is not always true. if you are looking for something exceptional, then carpet prices are going to skyrocket for you. That is why people, especially those who don’t want to settle for good quality but rather want excellent carpets, are often on the fence about buying carets.

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Key Differences Between Flooring Underlayments & Underpads

The flooring market has grown at an unprecedented rate during the last few years. Some estimates suggest that the global flooring market will be worth $331.78 Billion by the year 2020 with a further $120 Billion increase in the next four years.

Keeping this continuous global growth in mind, it is fascinating to study the introduction of newer products and trends into the market. The recent examples would be cut and loop carpets and large format tiles. What is also interesting to read about is when older products and styles come back into the fold and conquer the market again with some modern twist to them.

In this piece, we will be discussing some of the less talked about items related to flooring. We will focus on underlayments and underpads and also highlight the differences between the two as it is quite easy to confuse one with the other.

It is important to know the nuances between different flooring items if you are interested in the subject. And if you are trying to have a floor installed in your home or office, then this information becomes even more significant to ensure there is no mismanagement or waste of resources.

What is an underlayment?

Floors usually have two layers, a main top layer and a subfloor. Underlayments are usually placed between the two floor layers. It is important because putting installing a subfloor and then the main floor layer on top of it without underlayment causes problems with adhesives and general performance of the floor. Nowadays, newer flooring options like laminate come with an essential requirement of a high quality underlayment.

What are the advantages of using flooring underlayments?

There are a number of ways underlayments improves your flooring. Your floor gets better protection from stress and stays in optimal condition for a long time. A floor is more prone to cracks and squeaking noises without an underlayment. Aside from increased longevity, you get better insulation because of an additional layer.

Based on the making of your floor, you can opt for underlayments on softer or harder side alike. If you don’t have an insulation system in place yet, you can go for underlayments whose material allows for better insulation thorough the floor.

flooring underpads

What is an underpad?

While underpads are also placed on top of subfloors much like underlayments, they are actually used with carpets instead of harder floors. The purpose usually is to prevent the skipping of carpet on a subfloor. They are slotted under the carpets to improve the experience of those who are using said piece of carpet flooring.

What are the benefits of using flooring underpads?

As evident by their name, underpads bring softness and comfort to your carpet experience. A carpet without them wouldn’t be as comfortable unless that is its defining feature. Underpads also help in properly placing the carpet on the subfloor and prevent skidding. Not only that, underpads also prevent spillages from reaching the subfloor. This not only makes your carpet last longer but also prevent pungent smells, preventing unpleasant atmosphere.

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How To Find The Right Carpet? Popular Carpet Types & Styles

A vast majority of the people have carpets as their go to flooring because it is easy and versatile. While everyone knows that carpets are soft and comfortable, they also represent a mental comfort zone where people who don’t want to give too much importance to floors settle for carpets because of how ingrained into the culture they are.

Some people prefer carpets over everything else whereas others come back to them if they can’t find anything else that suits their homes. It helps that carpets are inexpensive, easy to install and widely available. In the US, they outsell every other floor type combined and their popularity is obvious to everyone living in the UK.

In this piece, we will be looking at some of the more popular styles and types of carpets available in the market.

carpet types

When it comes to the way fibres are attached to the carpets, there are only two main types of carpets with many subtypes. Loop pile carpets and cut pile carpets. The former has the fibres looped to give it durability and suitable for high traffic and high loads, as a result, the cushioning is lost a little bit but the other qualities are more focused upon.

The latter, cut pile carpets, don’t have a loopy fibre attachment. The fibre ends are all straight and cut evenly, which makes them dense and very soft. Most cut pile carpets’ fibres twist to create footprints and furniture marks. However, these remain as popular as ever.

Talking about fibres, there are many different types of fibres that are used to create carpets. We will discuss some of the more popular ones here.


Wool fibres make the most environmentally friendly carpets because of the wool. Good wool carpets are considered high end due to the being organic, durable, stain resistant and general cleanliness.


The most popular carpets have nylon fibres because it is economical, easy to maintain and very good or high traffic areas. It also lasts for a long time if cared for properly.


Olefin fibres are tougher than some other fibres, moisture and mould resistant but this durability comes with a price. It is not as comfortable as wool or nylon.


This is a synthetic fibre that to some degree resembles wool fibres but at a lower price. This fibre is the “laminate flooring to wood” equivalent of carpets with respect to wool.

carpet styles

When you are installing carpets, you have a decision to make about whether you would get carpet tiles or carpet broadlooms. The latter is more suitable for wall to wall carpeting whereas if you are going for a more pattern oriented look or working in small spaces, then tile carpeting may be the more desirable option. On commercial properties, tile flooring is still finding its feet, however, if your installation is residential then it is not a bad idea to trial with tile carpeting. It can turn out to be extremely beautiful.

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How to Choose the Best Adhesive for Your Hardwood Floor

It is no wonder hardwood flooring is estimated to be among the most valuable floors. It comes with many benefits whether you consider it aesthetically, in a monetary sense, or just in terms of the prestige associated with it. While most people prefer to have their hardwood floors installed by the hands of professionals, if you are among those who prefer to be a little handy and enjoy DIY work, you would appreciate this blog because it contains information about wood flooring adhesives which are crucial in the right installation of many hardwood floors.

This is not to say that anyone else would not gain any insight from this piece, whether you love DIY tasks or not, whether you own a hardwood floor or not, you should what adhesives are in the market and how to best use them.

Since most floors consist of two basic layers, the main flooring surface and a subfloor, there comes a need to join these two layers in order to ensure resilience and durability in the long term. The right adhesive would make certain that the two layers are not in a danger of sliding awry due to pressure, temperature change or any other reason.

These days, if you go the market, you can find three kinds of adhesives that are most popular. Sometimes one can be substituted for another but if you want to be able to make the best decisions for your household, you need to know the basic features of all three.

  1. Solvent Based Adhesives
  2. Water Based Adhesives
  3. Urethane Based Adhesives

The first one is a classic product and has been used for quite a while due to the wide availability of the solvent based adhesives which prompted floor installers to use them. There were some concerns about the solvents themselves that they may be hazardous for health but those fears have been quelled now and the adhesives are not deemed hazardous. However, they are not as environmentally friendly as some other adhesives, namely the ones based on water, so if you are looking for a green solution, you may have to look elsewhere.

These solvent adhesives are used in major industries and for projects with a wide scale due to short bonding and fixing times and ease of use. The fact that flooring professionals use it to bond hardwood floor layers should be no surprise.

Water based adhesives, as mentioned, are comparatively better for the environment, however, they are not as versatile as solvent based adhesives and aren’t used in as many applications. The one question on the water based adhesives is that they are not considered to be as reliable as some of their counterparts. They are also comparatively more expensive but their composition – which contains considerably more solids than others adhesives – allows the bonding to be sufficiently strong with only one coat whereas other adhesives may warrant multiple coats.

Urethane based adhesives are the most sought after adhesives in the market currently due to their elastomeric properties. This term basically means that if the floor changes shapes, expands or contracts due to pressure, heat or cold, or for any other reason, the adhesive has some elastic property to allow that change in shape to take place. This way, the wood doesn’t creek, break or deform in any way. The adhesive’s elastomeric properties protect the floor and the sub floor alike.

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How To Choose A Flooring Company That Best Suits Your Needs

Last year, the global flooring market was valued at around US$250 billion, this number is expected to grow by at least 80% in the next 8 or so years and reach a staggering US$430 billion by the end of the year 2025. Surely this means a big number of local, national and international flooring companies are providing their services to the customers in all parts of the world. If you are one of those prospective customers looking to install some flooring in your residential or commercial property, you need to find the perfect company that suits your requirements.

How do you find the right flooring company? That is something we will discuss in detail in this blog. Here are a few things you need to look out for before going into business with a flooring provider.

Company History

Do a few checks about the company’s history and when it was formed. If you know someone in the company, get to know their opinion on how the dealings by the company are perceived by the employees. Find out how long the company has been in business and if they have had any clients that are well-known. Also, the company must be licensed and insured.

Company Reputation

These days everything can be found online, in the same vein, try to find out what the company’s reputation is like among its customers. It will give you a good insight into how the company deals with its existing and previous customers and what the customer’s view is on the whole experience. If you find that unsatisfactory, then the company is not the right fit for you.

Experienced & Trained Professionals

No matter how good a company looks from the outside, they can’t conduct great business without employees who know how to do their work and also, are courteous to the customers they are dealing with. When it comes to flooring installations, experienced professionals would do a better job at ensuring that there isn’t any flaw in the whole process and its execution whereas someone who doesn’t have the required expertise may fall short of the required objective.

Variety of Flooring Products

Flooring companies make their own floor coverings and also acquire them from dedicated manufacturers. Sometimes, it is a bit of both, therefore, depending on the size and life of the company, a particular option may be better for you. You should find out all the variety on display in a company’s showroom or website, the more the variety, the more chance that your floor is in good hands.

Quality of Services

Before embarking on a floor installation journey with a company, you need to be absolutely clear on what types of services they are offering and to what extent. If they install and finish the floor, how long does that take and what else is included in the service, you should know. The more you know, the better chance you have to make a better decision.

Products & Services Prices

Lastly, the prices of every item and every service should be communicated to you by the company before any expenditure on your part. That way, you will have complete autonomy and peace of mind on the things you are spending your money and you won’t be troubled later on. If a company is hesitating in disclosing their prices or if you sense something fishy going on, stop all dealings and find someone else to do your floor for you.

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Practical Tips That Will Improve Your Floor Noise Reduction

There is too much noise in the world. “Noise Pollution” is a real phenomenon that is studied and researched in the academic and industrial circles. In such a context, it is only fair if you want a quiet home for yourself and one of the most important factors in ensuring that happens is to have a floor that is helpful in reducing noise.

Quietness, on its own, has tremendous benefits and most people prefer to avoid any needless noise whether from impact or airborne. It is annoying when walking and running on the floor above creates noise or when racket from outside makes it way to your living room. Today, we will be looking at some of the ways you can keep the noise levels in your home low when it comes to flooring installation and modifications.

Good Options for Floor Noise Reduction

If you are at the beginning of your buyer’s journey, then you have quite a few choices to ensure a peaceful environment at home by buying the right floor covering. Of all the options, carpets are the most soundless with their absorption of the sound waves. A good carpet with a thick padding underneath is as quiet as it gets in terms of flooring.

Cork Floors are also very quiet on account of being softer than other floors. They also absorb the sounds and are readily used in recording studios’ walls and floors to guarantee silence. You can also use vinyl and laminate flooring but you will have to use thick underlayment materials and acoustic sealants.

Bad Options for Floor Noise Reduction

Among the floors that should be avoided, if you are a stickler for quasi-soundproof floors, are stone, tile, bamboo, hardwood floor coverings. These floors usually have the hardest surface which makes the sound waves to reverberate and even with the help of under-paddings, it is hard to counter that. In the presence of those floors, heavy use of rugs and padding is advised.

How To Fix Your Floor Noise

Before you start working on improving the sound absorption or dampening qualities of your floor, you should work to remove the sources of squeaks and noises that can be easily determined and fixed. The right fundamentals will be helpful in ensuring a successful completion of the task.

Following are the tips you can use for floor noise reduction:

Use Rugs: If you don’t have a carpet, if you don’t mind it and if installing it all over the house is out of your budget, then using rugs in specific places with high traffic can go long way towards reducing the noise levels in your home.

Underlayment: Using an underlayment is very helpful especially helpful if you have a hard floor that doesn’t really absorb the sound waves. You can set it up beneath your floor between the subfloor and the top layer.

Damping Compound: A Damping Compound is used to dampen sounds by way of being inserted between two rigid surfaces. It itself is soft and is used a lot between the floor layers in conjunction with an underlayment.

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Few Features That Make a Bedroom’s Flooring Great

Bedrooms are a private place and we associate them with comfort and rest. It is a no-brainer, therefore, that bedroom flooring should have some characteristics that are indicative of such sentiments.

When you are trying to have a floor installed at your home, you can either opt for a variety of floor coverings for different areas of your home or have the same style spread throughout. Either way, there are a few qualities you need in a bedroom in particular without which you would not call your bedroom flooring an ideal surface.

Here are a few features one must have in a bedroom flooring for it to be great.


Before everything else, a bedroom’s flooring should be comfortable. Now you don’t sleep on the floor, there is normally a bed and mattress for that, however, the atmosphere of the whole room would be better off if your floor covering is comfortable. One of the reasons luxury floors are so popular in bedrooms is because they are comfortable, regardless of whatever else they offer.


Similar as above, the cosiness of a bedroom is what makes it one. If your flooring doesn’t emanate that feeling then it is not a good move that you have made. Carpets are a preferred choice in bedrooms because they appear and feel cosy.


Bedrooms are a personal place, people make great efforts to ensure that the interior décor of their rooms is to their liking. Therefore, if there is a chance that you can have a floor installed in your bedroom that complements your interior design and decoration, you should take it. Also, it would be refreshing for you to not worry about your bedroom floor being a detriment to your style sensitivities.

bedroom flooring


By insulation, we mean all types of it. Your floor shouldn’t be cold during winter and shouldn’t be hot during the summer. Sub-floor heating in winter is a nice solution that can be added to your floor covering to combat the heat. However, if the floor is properly insulated in the first place, you would be more comfortable overall with less pressure to manage the budget.


People take measures to block out noise from outside when it comes to bedrooms. The floor should not be needlessly noisy which would add to the quietness of the room. The lack of noise is appreciated when you are resting, especially in a bedroom.


Any flooring should be easy to maintain, bedroom flooring is no different. A bedroom flooring that takes a lot of time, effort or money to maintain is eventually going to be a problem for you from a monetary standpoint as well as mentally and psychologically.


You don’t want to have to change your bedroom flooring every few months or with more regularity than you first expected because it will be hard on your budget and a big trouble. Thus, a bedroom flooring should be durable and preferably to last a long time.

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What Is Epoxy Flooring? Characteristics, Types & Benefits

Flooring industry these days is expanding in such a manner that even the more obscure forms of flooring tend to have a large market because of the unique qualities every floor covering brings. The resultant demand created in the market for those particular characteristics – which are often not necessarily found in other floors – makes these floors an attractive product for customers with atypical tastes. One such product is Epoxy flooring.

Epoxy flooring is created by combining two different materials, usually a hardener and a resin component. The subsequent material is hard plastic, durable, and unusually resistant to any deterioration. There are many different types of epoxy flooring which we will talk about some day. For now let us look at how it is installed and what are some its qualities.

How Is Epoxy Flooring Installed?

Epoxy flooring is generally installed on hard concrete floors which not only protects the concrete flooring but decreases maintenance costs. This is one of the reason it has been really popular in industrial and commercial settings like warehouses or factories.

To install it, the concrete surface underneath has to be clean first of all so that the floor can be laid down easily. Secondly, the surface has to be a bit rough to ensure the adherent is placed effectively. After installation, you need to put a paint coat on top for the gloss. It takes a little time, roughly a few hours to dry after which the finish can be applied.

One form of very popular form of epoxy flooring is 3D flooring. It creates an illusion of different exotic, natural or metropolitan settings inside your house using 3D art on your epoxy floor. Typically, these 3D floors are used in hotels, some restaurants, and children’s play lands and parks.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

  • The most remarkable quality of Epoxy flooring is that it is durable and long lasting. Even if there I heavy foot traffic and consistent load on the floor surface, epoxy flooring can last for many years. It is one of the reasons it is used so often in the industrial environment.
  • It is a glossy, shiny flooring surface that increases the brightness in your room, there are few options better than epoxy flooring when it comes to brightening a room. White tiles or marble perhaps comes close but all the usual affordable floors would be much duller in comparison.
  • It is robust and can resist heavy traffic & load without much trouble. A number of gyms use an uncoated epoxy flooring surface under mats because of its toughness.
  • Epoxy flooring is easy to install & clean, you don’t have to do too much when it comes to regular cleaning. Moreover, wiping would be enough for most stains and spills. Even oil spoils can be wiped away, especially in an industrial environment.
  • Epoxy flooring is extremely resistant to chemicals. Unlike normal flooring options, you don’t need to worry about the health of an epoxy floor after it has been exposed to a chemical.

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